Why Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer in Spartanburg?

A lot of individuals will be involved in vehicular accidents sooner or later. But when a small truck is involved, there is a big chance that the result could be devastating. In the aftermath of every collision between semi-trucks and small vehicles, one of the best decisions people can make is to ask the help of an experienced and reputable trucking accident lawyer.

These lawyers can help victims avoid the mistake of speaking to inexperienced professionals. With at least 95% of their cases dedicated to accidents involving commercial vehicles and semi-trucks, these lawyers are ready to help victims during this difficult time. Having a legal team that is both experienced and trustworthy by your side can make a massive difference to the victim and their family.

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Why hire truck accident lawyers?

Semi-trucks are vehicles weighing 40 tons or more and can cause severe damage on the roads. While some vehicular accident cases can be resolved without the help of a counsel, accidents involving semi-trucks are usually pretty complicated. Cases like this may require a great deal of knowledge to maneuver through the legal system. A reputable and skilled lawyer will establish the best course of action, from conducting an investigation about the accident to recruiting professionals and presenting the necessary evidence on the victim’s behalf.

Do people need to hire an attorney after truck accidents?

When deciding whether to seek a truck accident legal counsel’s help, the professional’s experience in this area is a big deal. A lot of trucking firms have counsel teams to help them protect their business from paying high prices because of their driver’s negligence.

Just as people would not see dentists for brain injuries, they need to entrust their livelihood, or that of their family member to inexperienced legal counsels, but one who knows and understands how to protect their livelihood and their needs. People need to hire professionals that are recognized by both satisfied clients and their peers to handle truck accident cases.

From semi-truck to big-rig spills, they need to have experience representing victims with high success rates. These lawyers need to understand how this has disrupted the victim’s life, as well as their family’s life. They should help their clients get their lives back on track.

When should victims hire trucking accident lawyers?

The sooner people hire an accident lawyer, the better. Time is of the essence, especially after an accident, as an investigation needs to be conducted immediately. When we talk about evidence at the scene of the accident, clues, whether small or big, are time-sensitive.

Skid marks can fade, and cars can be repaired and removed at the scene before damage is accounted for. If evidence gathering is delayed for too long, the trucking firm can gain a lot of advantages. The right legal counsel will handle the case as quickly as possible, readily gathering the evidence and necessary documentation.

What problems affect cases?

An average person might not be aware of different statutes and laws governing truck accidents or personal law in general. When individuals choose to go unrepresented, their cases are usually dismissed without any financial compensation because of a lack of proper evidence. A lot of factors affect the result of a claim, and a reputable and experienced lawyer can guide victims through the legal procedure. These professionals will do the following for their client’s cases:

Determine who is liable for the accident

These legal counsels will be able to find out who is liable for the victim’s injury, suffering or loss. In a lot of cases, more than one party could be held accountable for damages, including:

Truck manufacturer

Truck driver

Truck or trailer owner

The company or person that leased the vehicle from the owner

The manufacturer of the vehicle and its parts

The loader or shipper of the vehicle’s cargo

The legal team may seek to prove the driver’s negligence if they were reckless or failed to adhere to safety laws and regulations set by the state.

To find out more about the history of traffic laws in the United States, check out https://www.encyclopedia.com/history/encyclopedias-almanacs-transcripts-and-maps/highway-safety-act-1966 for full details.

Collect the necessary evidence

The legal team will help coordinate an accident investigation to the wreckage. Aside from investigating the wreck or scene of the accident, as well as gathering testimonials from witnesses, the professional will check the following for evidence:

The driver’s qualifications, employment history, alcohol, and drug testing

The company’s insurance policy carrier information

Inspection of the vehicle involved in the accident

Inspection of the vehicles involved in the wreckage

Property damage to the vehicle

Medical records of injuries

The ECM or electronic control module of the vehicle, also known as the block box

Navigate federal regulations and truck laws

Hiring a professional will make sure that people are aware of the federal regulations and deadlines that may significantly impact the case. The legal team will know and understand every nook and cranny of dealing with insurance policymakers, truck businesses, and cargo firms.

Identify damages incurred

There are three kinds of damages people can seek compensation for: minor and major injuries or property damages. A lawyer can help people determine what kind of damages they are looking for.

Questions victims need to ask their legal counsel

When individuals have been involved in an accident, they must explore their legal options to find the best course of action that fits their needs. When it is time to sit down with the team like Spartanburg truck accident lawyer, listed below are some key topics they need to cover:


They need to make sure that their representative’s jurisdiction matches up with their case. For accidents that are out of their state, it can get tricky. They need to make sure to fill the team in with any pertinent information about the accident’s location, as well as their residence.

Legal fees

People should inquire about every up-front expenses or fees, they will be responsible for covering. A lot of legal counsels will look for contingency fees, meaning the victim will only pay their lawyers if they obtain compensation for them. Even if they have contingency fees, expect to pay extra costs like investigation and court fees.


Ask the lawyer about their successful experience handling this kind of case and how much of their law practice is dedicated to their specific type of case. Don’t assume that these professionals have experience dealing with their type of issue.

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