Whose Fault Is It When You Have a Car Accident?

A car accident can wreak havoc on your life in several areas. It can cause undue stress, physical pain and discomfort, and a complete and utter loss of finances. Additionally, it could strain the relationship you have with your most cherished family members. Establishing fault in a car accident is an important step in getting yourself the help that you deserve. The accident could have several culprits. Here are some of them:

The Other Driver

Many car accidents occur because another driver does something neglectful. The driver may ignore traffic rules and run a red light or cut another driver off. He or she may also engage in distracted driving. Text messaging or talking on the phone while driving are two major causes of collisions. Drivers can also be intoxicated and under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Your accident may have occurred because of one of these situations. Hopefully, you got a police report and gathered as much evidence and documentation as possible. It’s a good idea to get witness statements and commitments, as well.

You Could Be at Fault, Too

The accident may have also been your fault. You may not have meant to disobey a traffic rule, but perhaps you did. Maybe you didn’t give someone the right of way who had it. Perhaps, you put pressure on your brakes at a time when another driver was following a little too closely. There could have been an honest error in judgment or a miscalculation of the time you had to make a certain move with your vehicle. If you are at fault, it’s a good idea to take responsibility for your part in the incident and do what you can to right the wrong.

More Than One Person

In some cases, more than one person is at fault in a vehicular collision. Two opposite drivers can make two wrong moves at the same time. They can be equally at fault for the accident, or they could be partially at fault with different percentages of fault. You still might be eligible for compensation even if you were partially at fault for your accident. Many states use the percentage of fault rule in personal injury cases. Therefore, you might be eligible to receive a reduced settlement if your accident involved neglecting another person or party.

The Manufacturer Might Be at Fault

The manufacturer could be at fault for your accident, as well. Manufacturers are supposed to use care and caution when they engineer vehicles. They are supposed to recall vehicles when they find out that something is wrong with a vehicle they created. Your vehicle’s manufacturer might be liable for your accident if it had a defect, and the manufacturer failed to fix the defect for you. Do some research on your car’s make and model and find out if it’s on a recall list. You might be surprised to learn that it is.

Talk to a Lawyer About Your Accident

You would be wise to schedule an appointment with a personal injury lawyer to discuss your accident’s details. You could be eligible for a hefty compensation package that can help you pay for your medical bills, treatment, and medication. The compensation could also cover your lost work wages as well as your rent and basic living expenses. You can schedule a consultation with the attorney and go over the fine details of your incident. The attorney will decide whether your case is strong enough to pursue. The consultation might be free. That means there will be no risk in scheduling an appointment. You might find out that you deserve to collect some funds, and the personal injury attorney might be willing to help you do that.


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