Liability In Playground Injury Claims

Playground injury claims are not at all common but they do happen. Having your child injured when going to a playground that should be safe is something nobody actually thinks about. We naturally believe these places are safe and fortunately, in most cases, they are. However, you never know when something bad happens and you should be aware of all available options if the worst case scenario happens.

According to top rated injury lawyer Giddens Law Firm, if your child was injured, it is always worth looking at legal options since there is a high possibility that something caused that incident. This often relates to liability. To determine liability, here are some of the things attorneys look at.

Playground Owner

Most playgrounds are public parks. In this case, they are owned by the local municipality. This means the owner is the city, the county, or the town. With national parks, playgrounds fall under the management of the federal government. Obviously, when the owner is a municipality or the federal government, the injury claim has to be carried out by someone with as much experience as possible.

With school playgrounds, the public district is usually responsible for maintenance and is the owner. With the private schools and the day care facilities, NGOs or churches can be the owner. Restaurant playgrounds are often owned by local franchising companies or national restaurant chains.

Any of the entities highlighted above can be eligible for financial compensation in a playground injury case. This is because the entity is often responsible for something related to playground maintenance, construction, or design.

The Playground’s Designer And Constructors

After analyzing the owner of the playground, the personal injury attorney is going to take a look at who designed the playground and who built it. The owner is rarely responsible for such tasks. In the event that the injury was caused by a design flaw, it is not the owner who will be considered as being liable.

It is important to note that construction companies will often hire someone else to get the materials needed to build and to design the facility. Based on the injury cause, legal actions can be taken against literally all entities involved.

There are always some strict minimum safety standards established by state laws for playgrounds. These do vary from one state to the next. To be aware of them, you should get in touch with an attorney to help you out.

Getting Legal Help

As you can see, with playground injury claims, you might be against some very big entities and fighting them is often difficult. Do not make the mistake of thinking there is nothing that can be done. An experienced injury attorney is going to find all liable parties and can help bring in the justice your child deserves.

The only other thing we should mention is that with playground injury cases, it is better to hire experienced legal professionals who have access to the resources needed to go through a lengthy trial. It is just a lot better to hire larger law firms since the smaller ones will not have the resources needed to help you.

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