How to Choose a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Riding a motorcycle is an exciting and convenient mode of transportation, but it obviously comes with more risks than driving a car or taking a train. Motorcyclists are five times more likely to get into an accident than a car driver, and the fatal accident risk is 35 times higher than that of a car driver. This shouldn’t deter you from riding a motorcycle, but it should make you cautious that you may get in an accident at one point or another.

Most of the motorcycle accidents that happen are due to cars not seeing motorcyclists. If you happen to be a victim in a motorcycle accident, then it is important you choose a great motorcycle accident lawyer. Lampert & Walsh, a Denver motorcycle accident lawyer offers a few tips on how to choose the right motorcycle accident lawyer to protect you.

Success rate

When looking for a motorcycle accident lawyer, you need to be sure they have a high success rate of handling cases like yours. Hiring an attorney with a low success rate gives you a higher chance of losing your case. Make sure you have someone who truly has your best interests in mind and can do a great job of winning your case by asking their success rate.

Ask for referrals

If you aren’t quite convinced or simply want to see how they have worked in the past, then ask for referrals. Most firms should have no problem showing you real examples of the work they have done. This will also help you to understand what their approach might be to your case.


You wouldn’t want a foot surgeon operating on your brain, just as you wouldn’t want a tax attorney to represent you for a personal injury case. Therefore, even though all attorneys have completed law school and passed the BAR, there are plenty of different types of attorneys.

Look for an attorney that specializes in motorcycle accidents. There are many details that differentiate between car accidents and motorcycle accidents, and your lawyer should know this.

Good communication

Many attorneys are busy, but this should not affect how much time and effort is placed into your case. When first speaking with your attorney make sure you have a good line of communication about what you expect from them, and what they expect from you. You should be aware if they plan to hire a paralegal to deal with your case or if you will contact them directly. Above all, you should not have difficulties contacting them if you have questions regarding your case.

Plan of attack

Knowing how your motorcycle accident lawyer plans to address the case is important. They should have a clear plan of how they will work on your case. Ask how they plan to work with insurance companies and negotiate your settlement.

Making your decision

Above all, you should feel comfortable with the lawyer that you choose to represent you. You should never feel pressured into working with someone, and they should have adequate experiences regarding motorcycle accidents. Still, looking to speak to a motorcycle lawyer? Contact your local motorcycle attorney for a free consultation.

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