Finding Fire Cause – Why Does Expert’s Help is Required?

Finding Fire Cause - Why Does Expert's Help is Required?

Fire is that element which leaves nothing to investigate. It consumes everything, from source to the origin. It is due to this, finding professional help becomes necessary to gather evidence from the scene of fire. Such scenes get contaminated due to the fire fighters. While trying to extinguish the flame they wash away evidence and clues. Due to this once the flames die down evidence collection becomes even more difficult. The experts approach the scene with the perception that the fire could be a result of an accident. A carelessly thrown away cigarette can cause a breakout. However, this can be a case of someone misdoing. Someone may deliberately set fire on the building or property. Both the cases are different. One is civil another one is criminal case. If the evidence suggests that the flames have been caused by accident, the insurance agency takes over the matter. The insurance agents will then try to find the liability of the person who has caused the accident. However, when evidence suggest otherwise, the crime department takes over the case and try to find out who has caused the mishap.

The case becomes even more complicated when someone die due to the fire. In such a case, a possibility of a murder investigation arises. The first duty of fire cause expert is to find the origin of the flame. For this they inspect the entire place in search of the objects that may indicate the area from which the fire had started. It is important to remember that a piece of glass can be important enough to determine the liability of the accident. On the other hand an overlooked piece cloth can mislead the entire investigation. Due to this the professional arson specialists take extra care when they approach such a scene. It is custom of crime scene investigation that a couple of investigators approach the scene and inspect the area. It is to prevent any further contamination of the scene. Lifting evidence is important. However, once the evidence is obtained, there is another important task that the investigators need to do. It is preserving the evidence. If left without unattended the evidence can lose the vitality and usability. When it comes to fire investigation, lab analysts are also brought to find vital clues. Lab analysts look after the important factors like timing and behavior of the flame. In case of unusual speed or timing, the investigation takes another turn.

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