Factors that Determine the Cost of Bail

You can never tell when you’ll brush shoulders with the law. In such instances, getting a bail bond will be necessary to keep you out of jail or police custody. There are two ways to raise this bond: from your savings or through a bail bond company. The latter is much easier, as you’ll not need to submit more than 10% of the set amount. But what determines how courts set bail?

The Type of Crime Alleged

The severity of the crime committed or alleged significantly influences the bail bond terms. Severe crimes attract a higher bail bond amount. For instance, DWI bail bonds will have much more favorable terms than a murder bail bond application. Remember, different states have different regulations regarding the severity of specific crimes. That means bail bonds in some states will be much fairer than in others.

The Risk of Fleeing

Some defendants are likely to flee the country as soon as they get out of police custody. Most such defendants have family or close links in different countries. The court will most likely deny bail or set it at a significantly high level in such instances.

In addition, some crimes might attract a significantly brutal punishment if upheld. Suppose one is looking at a life-long sentence. In this case, one will likely want to flee the country or state. That means the bail bond terms need to be harsh.

How Safe Shall the Community Be?

A person’s crimes might pose a safety issue to the community. For instance, suppose the defendant is alleged to be a serial killer. In this case, offering favorable bail terms will most likely expose the community to further safety issues. That means a costlier bail bond term will suffice. The terms of such bail bonds will also be considered harsh. In extreme scenarios, bail will be denied altogether.

At the same time, the courts will consider the safety of such an individual in the community. For example, a defendant might be targeted once they go back to society. It would be fair to keep them in police custody or make the bail terms a little less favorable here.

How Dangerous is the Defendant?

Undoubtedly, some defendants could be a danger to themselves and other people. A person who could pose a significant threat to society is less likely to get fairer bail terms. Some of the people considered dangerous include those accused of murder and drug dealing. That is because they have an immediate and adverse impact on society. Fortunately, you can rely on a lawyer or various institutions to prove otherwise. This lawyer will ensure that you get much better bail bond terms, avoiding significant burdens in the long run.

In conclusion, bail bond terms will often vary with the crime alleged or committed. Different states also assure you of different terms. Fortunately, you do not need to raise the entire amount, thanks to various bail bond companies at your disposal. These companies often require you to deposit about 10% of the set amount.

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