5 Reasons to Use a Legal Recruiter

Whether you’re a new lawyer looking to get hired or a top law firm seeking out new partners, using a recruiting agency, whose specialty is being lawyers who understand lawyers, will be an enormous help to your search. When looking for a legal recruiting agency, you should choose one that is reliable, trustworthy, and able to apply simplicity to the equation. Here are 5 reasons a legal recruiting firm can benefit you and help you to partner with a team that has only the best qualifications.

Let a Professional Do the Hiring for You

The first reason to use an agency is to have them do the job matching for you, so you don’t have to do the work. Why should you waste your billable hours looking through a pool of new applicants when you can have an expert handle that work for you? Hire a legal recruiter to find you the top talent available, so you can get back to your own legal work.

Work with Experienced Lawyers

A legal recruiting agency composed of highly experienced lawyers can help you find a good firm to start working at or a new applicant that’s guaranteed to succeed as a part of your team. Some agencies have over 18 years of headhunting experience, and you can get more hiring tips here on how to partner with a team that’s seasoned and knowledgeable.

Finding a legal recruiter to work as your “middle-man” when hiring a lawyer on a permanent or contract basis can be helpful, especially when they focus on quality over quantity. Legal headhunters can handle the placements of senior legal professionals such as compliance officers, contract administrators, and law clerks.

Finding a Legal Job

Searching for any good job takes time and effort. You need to show that you’re the sort of lawyer who can challenge evidence submitted to the court. Companies want lawyers with experience with deadlines, as well as a protocol for filing specific legal documents.

A legal recruiter can help new lawyers to focus their strengths through the application and interview process. They also have a large network of connections to use to help you get ahead of the competing new legal talent.

Emphasizing Your Skills

Job matching has to be done based on your skill set. To find a good legal firm willing to interview you, you have to have a resume that’s loaded with skills and that properly outlines your area of legal focus. A professional headhunting firm will handle placement as well as directing your search. Some companies can also focus on the long-term hiring needs of their clients.

Duties of Lawyers

After three years of law school, lawyers have to advise and represent clients in courts, in front of government agencies, as well as being able to communicate with their clients. Companies want to hire people with experience in research as well as analysis of their client’s legal problems. Lawyers need to have training that allows them to present the facts in writing as well as verbally to clients. A legal recruiter will work together with their clients to bring these areas into focus while contemplating career moves, whatever that move may be.

Hiring a legal recruiter takes care of the most critical aspects of the hiring process, and provides both lawyers and firms with a much better chance of ending up with great results. Contact a legal headhunter today to get to work on your perfect match.

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