4 Fields of Law and What They Do

The law field contains many different specialties, with lawyers often focusing on one of these specialties in their practice. The type of lawyer you choose is highly dependent on your legal needs at the time. Here are four fields of law and what they do.

  1. Criminal Law

One of the most well-known fields of law, criminal law pertains to the set of laws that defines punishment for people who commit crimes and helps keep societies just and orderly. You can find attorneys who deal with both misdemeanor and felony criminal cases. Criminal defense attorneys represent the people accused of the crime, while prosecutors represent the state or entity seeking punishment for the crime.

  1. Injury Law

Injury law Columbus OH seeks compensation for people who are harmed due to someone’s actions or failure to act. You can seek damages on the basis of negligence, strict liability or intentional wrongdoing. Settling a personal injury case involves accepting money to drop the case against the person who caused you harm.

  1. Employment Law

Employment law seeks to address disputes between employees and their employers. Some common focuses of this field include:

  • Wage and salary disputes
  • Discrimination due to age, race, gender or disability
  • Issues involving workplace safety
  • Sexual harassment

An employment lawyer may represent an employee or group of employees, a company, a union or a job applicant.

  1. Intellectual Property Law

This field of law pertains to enforcing the rights of people who create and own music, writing, artistic designs and other copyrights and patents. This protection allows the creators of these works to make money from their inventions and helps to foster innovation. Among other places, intellectual property lawyers may work for private firms, government agencies, non-profit organizations and universities.

Keep these four fields in mind if you ever find yourself in need of legal advice and services.


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