3 Tips for Making Co-Parenting Work

Divorce is hard on children, and they need to understand what will happen to their lives. While working with family law attorneys in Hernando County Florida, you will need to establish a parenting plan based on custody arrangements. Here are some tips for successful co-parenting.

Communicate Openly

Verbal communication is fine, but it is always best to get things in writing. If any issues arise between the parents, a paper trail will allow the court to see what was communicated. Even if you get along decently with the other parent, you might consider using one platform to send messages. This can be something as simple as email, or it can be through a digital application designed to help co-parents organize their lives. If you agree to use an app, you can update it frequently with schedule changes and messages, so that neither parent can say they didn’t receive or understand the information.

Be Respectful

Regardless of your feelings toward the other parent, remember that your child loves both of you. It is not beneficial to anyone if either of you is disrespectful or inflexible. Mind what you say about the other parent when around the child, and be considerate when it comes to schedule changes or changes in plans. Likewise, stay out of your ex-spouse’s business. Instead, focus on creating a safe and nurturing environment while your child is with you.

Don’t Hesitate

It can seem impossible to create a parenting plan when there is so much already occurring because of a divorce. However, your child will be able to adjust to his or her new life more quickly with a set plan in place. Consider everyone’s needs, actives and schedules and get started on developing a routine as soon as possible. A plan provides stability and can reassure the child that both parents will be actively involved in his or her life.

The best thing you can do to help your child through a divorce is to craft a routine that feels secure. The sooner your child knows what to expect, the easier the transition will be.


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