3 Industries for Typists

The ability to type quickly is a marketable quality in the professional world. With the advancement of technology, more and more jobs utilize the computer. Typing is a skill that many may have a general handle on, but some excel. If you are a person who is quick and accurate on the keyboard, many jobs will welcome you. Discover three industries where your typing ability may mean help get you in the door.

  1. Legal Field

Many professions require workers to be meticulous in their execution of the job. The legal field is one of the most demanding and rewarding. There are a variety of positions within the industry that require varying degrees of education, experience and skillset. For a typist, a law office is an excellent place to apply. Attorneys and paralegals may use dictation equipment to quickly produce documents required for court filings and correspondence. Accuracy and a keen eye for detail is something that any law firm Jacksonville FL is always on the lookout for when it comes to hiring typists. Other areas in the legal profession, including positions at courthouses and private stenography firms.

  1. Medical Field

Doctors, physician’s assistants and nurse practitioners see many patients during a shift. They can keep up a quick pace by dictating office notes to be inserted into patient files. Medical transcription positions are perfect for someone with quick fingers and significant proofreading abilities. Hospitals and clinics may either subcontract out for transcriptionists or keep a full staff in-house.

  1. Corporate Support

Administrative support is crucial in keeping a company functioning properly, and as such, secretaries, administrative assistants and the other support staff are key elements in a business’ success. Typists are utilized to help produce correspondence and corporate documents as requested by management. Some companies utilize pools of typists who are reliable, fast and accurate.

Being a typist is a rewarding and engaging career choice. Finding your niche may come down to trying your hand at more than one industry before settling in for the long haul.


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