What To Know About TABC Certifications

Since many stores, restaurants, and other establishments in Texas have a TABC license, it is a good idea for people working in these places to have a TABC certification. Having the proper certification ensures you don’t violate any alcohol-related laws, gives your employer peace of mind, and helps you be a responsible citizen. Here are the different certifications available, a brief overview of what each one covers, and some reasons to get one.

Seller or Server Certification

You can get a seller or server certification through a variety of approved courses. Most of them have both in-person and online options letting you choose what works best for your schedule and learning style. During this training, you will learn the different alcohol laws, tools to intervene when someone is intoxicated or a minor, and basic information on TABC licenses and permits. You will also get to explore some of the situations you may find yourself in and gain the tools necessary to remedy these encounters.

While it is not legally required that a server have this certification, it is strongly encouraged by employers and the TABC. Additionally, many retailers may require this of their employees to give them peace of mind. This is because retailers who hire only TABC certified employees get extra liability protection from the Alcoholic Beverage Code violations. You will learn more about this Safe Harbour law in your course and why getting your certification is so important.

Responsible Alcohol Delivery Certification

Since this is the newest certification offered by the TABC, responsible alcohol delivery training is only offered through this organization currently. It covers similar topics to that of the seller or server certification. However, it specifically focuses on the regulations that delivery drivers will need to be familiar with and situations they will likely encounter. While most delivery drivers can learn the information necessary for their position through the seller or server course, this option spends more time focusing on delivering alcohol to better prepare drivers for their roles.

One way to further your career in the retail industry is to have the proper TABC certification. These certifications provide you with a knowledge of alcohol-related laws, the tools necessary to intervene when the Alcoholic Beverage Code is being broken, and basic information about the licenses and permits you will encounter. Choose between the seller or server and responsible alcohol delivery certifications and look for what best suits your needs.


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