Top 5 Most Asked Questions of a Personal Injury Lawyer

After getting into an accident where you obtain an injury, you might not know what to do next. You may be feeling sad, stressed, confused or hopeful, you might also be injured and dealing with legal issues. The most important thing you can focus on after a personal injury is your health. Your second most important focus should be if you want to pursue a personal injury claim to obtain fair compensation for your injuries. If you are considering contacting a lawyer, take into consideration a few questions that might already be on your mind when pursuing a personal injury lawyer.

1.  What should I first do after the accident?

The very first thing you should do after getting into an accident is to find proof of who was at fault. If possible, take photos at the scene of the accident, but if it’s not possible, simply take photos of the damages after. You should also write down every detail you can recall regarding the accident as well as what you did after the accident. Be sure to include doctor’s visits, any time you needed to take off work, lost wages and medical bills. Also, try to find out if there were any witnesses of the accident and ask them to provide testimony.

2.  What time frame am I required to file in regard to a lawsuit?

When filing a lawsuit due to personal injury, you should file as soon as you realize you are injured. The sooner you file a lawsuit, the more information you will be able to collect and prove fault. Legally, you will need to file within the statute of limitations. Each state has a different law regarding this, so contacting a lawyer in your state can better give you information on your legal limitations.

3.  Will my personal injury case go to trial?

Generally, personal injury cases do not go to trial. They are normally resolved in a settlement at some point before the trial date arrives. You should only expect a case to go to trial if both sides are arguing whose fault it is and if there is a legal issue in question. If you and your lawyer build a strong case, then the other party will most likely need to agree with you due to the strength of your evidence. In the event you do go to trial, your lawyer can help you to prepare.

4.  How much is my case worth?

It is impossible to value your claim without examining it, but it is possible to guess the value by understanding the costs you require for medical treatment, physical therapy or lost wages. In order to determine your (approximate) case’s worth, you can expect 100-150% of your total losses due to moderate injuries, and up to 500% of your losses in severe cases due to pain and suffering. This will also be based upon what your opponent is able to pay.

5.  What happens if I am found somewhat at fault for the accident?

There is always the possibility that you will be found at some fault for your accident. If this is the case, if you are not the main party responsible for the accident, you can still obtain restitution for your losses.


To actually implement these ideas and ask questions to obtain information regarding your case, contact the Boyle Law Firm, a Personal Injury Lawyer in Denver.

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