Tips to choose a trust and litigation lawyer

Civil law clearly defines the procedure for the emergence of property legal relations, rights and obligations. However, not always, both parties to legal relations are ready to fulfill the terms of the agreements reached in good faith. Sometimes, the relationship of some subjects may affect the rights and interests of third parties. Thus, property legal relationships can lead to disagreements and disputes regarding the ownership of this or that property. To protect your rights to property benefits, you should contact a property lawyer.

Lawyer services in property disputes

Oral or written consultation in civil cases: allows you to understand the situation in detail from the point of view of the law, determine the perspective of the case and options for protection. At the consultation, you will learn how to achieve what you want, and what you need to do for this;

Participation in the pre-trial settlement of a property dispute: not everyone has diplomatic skills and the gift of persuasion. Negotiations with an experienced lawyer can save time, nerves and, most importantly, money. Moreover, in most cases, compliance with the pre-trial dispute resolution procedure is mandatory, but property lawyers are not limited to a claim;

Drawing up a claim: if you have clearly decided that you will defend your rights and interests in court, a claim for you will only be a necessity in order to comply with the requirements of the law. Essentially, our lawyers are investing in the claim two previous services. Based on its content, you will represent your own legal situation, and the submission of information with psychological techniques can contribute to the settlement of a dispute without going to court;

Drawing up a claim: as mentioned earlier, failure to comply with the rules for filing and filing a claim may lead to the rejection of the claim. A lawsuit filed by experienced attorneys is more promising than one drawn up by a non-professional. Together with the claim, the entire package of applications is formed, including the evidence base;

Drafting an objection, response to a statement of claim or counterclaim: these are varieties of ways to protect the defendant of his property rights and interests. The level of protection depends on the level of preparation of these documents;

Representation in court of one of the parties to a property dispute: barr& young attorneys offer representation of your interests, both in a single proceeding, and in all subsequent ones, until the moment of complete settlement of the dispute that has arisen by opposite side Attorneys.

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