The Importance of Safety on Construction Sites During a Pandemic

The safety of workers on a construction site is always important. Sites are usually a chaotic scene, mixed with heavy machinery in a fast-paced environment. Now more than ever, amidst the pandemic, we need to step up to ensure safety while also completing the project on time.

All safety regulations and state laws must be followed at construction sites. This includes ensuring all equipment works properly, work in proper lighting, and that workers wear the proper clothing and helmets. Due to the current pandemic, more regulations are in place.

Pandemic Regulations

The CDC released guidelines for construction workers to help keep them safe at the beginning of the pandemic. In April, OSHA jumped on board to also list safety precautions.

Guidelines to follow to protect employees:

– Promote staying home if sick

– Properly wear and dispose of protective clothing and equipment

– Wear masks

– Continue with current hazard protocol and always wear protective gear when needed

– Avoid physical contact, try to do 6-feet apart, especially inside trailers

– Promote personal hygiene

– Always report any concerns

It is not surprising claims are on the rise with the pandemic and the future is still uncertain.

Reasons Employees Get Hurt

Besides COVID-19, there are reasons employee safety is at risk at construction sites.

These reasons include:

– Failure to adhere to safety regulations.

– The lack of proper signs alerting of dangers

– Improper barricades to keep pedestrians out

– Unstable flooring causing workers to trip and fall

– Faulty equipment and unsecured tools – all equipment should maintain proper inspection.

Working with a Construction Attorney

If you are being faced with a lawsuit due to an injured worker or if you have been injured on a construction site, seek the legal advice and representation of an attorney who specializes in Phoenix construction law.

Located in Arizona, Murphy Cordier PLC’s team of lawyers are experts in all things construction law, including safety regulations on construction sites.

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