The Best Ways to Take Care of the Aged in a Nursing Home

Today, there are so many factors that can lead to an individual’s demise before getting to old age. Such factors include accidents, illnesses, and other health complications. Reaching old age is one of the most outstanding human achievements in today’s world.

However, when you achieve such an age, say 60 years and above, your body becomes fragile. At that point, you will require some help in handling several daily tasks, such as going to the bathroom and taking your meals. Sometimes, the seniors may lack someone to take care of them, and the only option that remains is to get admitted into a retirement home.

Taking Care of the Aged

People who work in nursing homes are certified nursing assistants who work under the supervision of licensed nurses. They undertake some activities that make their client’s lives simpler and more comfortable. These activities include helping the seniors with:

  1. Taking their meals

When one hits old age, their bodies require regular nourishment from healthy foods. Individuals who get admitted to an assisted living facility need to be fed well and provided with a balanced diet. This includes taking fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods.

However, some people have come forward and explained how they get mistreated when it comes to getting adequate and healthy food. According to World Health Organization (WHO), there has been a surge in elder abuse incidences in both community and institutional facilities.

  1.  Showering and getting dressed

These are two daily tasks that need effort and vigor to accomplish. Some older people find it hard to shower or even get dressed because their bodies have become fragile or have age-related health conditions. This is where a certified nurse comes in to help such an individual with these tasks. Additionally, it might be hard for some individuals in a nursing home to go to the restroom. This, too, is the staff’s responsibility in that particular nursing home to help the elderly relieve themselves.

  1. Taking their medications

Some older people face several health issues that make their lives unbearable. Such issues include arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and hypertension, among others. Memory loss is also a condition that has been reported among most seniors. An individual with memory loss is not likely to remember to take their prescribed medicines. The helpers in a retirement home help such people to stick to their medication timetables.

  1. Getting in and out of the bed

Some older people have issues with getting in and out of their beds. This is because, at certain ages, their muscles and joints become weak and fragile. Therefore, the nurses in a nursing home ensure that such individuals do not encounter accidents while climbing onto or out of their beds.

What to Look for in a Nursing Home Facility

  • Cleanliness– Your elderly parent should be kept in a neat and hygienic place. If, for instance, you visit a nursing home and smell urine or deodorizers that may be used to conceal such smells, that is not the right place for your loved one.
  • The Layout– Some nursing home facilities are designed like hospitals. However, they are those that give a homey feel to their residents because they incorporate small communities and communal zones.
  • Food– The type of diet offered in a nursing home is a significant factor to consider. Ask yourself some questions like, “How healthy and tasty is the food?”, “How do they handle special diets?” and “What assistance do they offer during meal-time?”
  • Handling special conditions– Seniors are prone to different illnesses and health conditions. The nursing home you choose for your loved one should have specialized activities and staff to take care of any conditions they might have, for instance, diabetes.


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