Road Legal Quad Bikes – What Makes Them Legal?

Road Legal Quad Bikes - What Makes Them Legal?

Quad bikes are hobby vehicles. They are also all-terrain so most often you will see them in places where there are no nicely paved roads. However, some people do like to challenge themselves and drive along the roads. What are the legal laws on this? It is important though to remember that the road legal quad bikes differ depending on your location. The best to find out the exact laws on quad bikes would be to talk to dealers of ATV quads in your area, as well as law enforcers or the local DMV.Driver’s LicenseFirst of all, you need a license to drive a street legal quad. This is because road legal quad bikes need responsible and mature drivers behind the wheel who realize the risks involved, and take measures to prevent accidents. They do this because they know they are legally liable in case of accidents.No Off Road Quad Bikes On RoadsIf you have any plans of driving a quad on the roads in your neighborhood, then make sure they are manufactured as an street legal quad. Definitely, an off road quad driven on roads will be pulled over. The main difference between a road legal quad bike is that it has a speed regulator. It must also have side mirrors and brake lights.Special Driving CourseSome states require the vehicle to be registered, and the driver must pass a special course on ATV quads. The coverage of the course will include safety, protective gear, and the riding maneuvers allowed. It will also teach you how to give your quad bike a safety check, as well as inform you what the road laws are. Again, ask your local dealer or DMV for details.Wear A HelmetJust like a motorcycle or bike, you need to wear the helmet when you go out on the road. It’s for your own good.No PassengersYou may have seen passengers on street legal quads, but really, this is not allowed. The reason is that quads are not as stable, and can easily tip over. Even just turning the corner can be risky if taken at a certain speed. Check with your local law enforcers if passengers are allowed.InsuranceFinally, you will be required to insure the vehicle. You should also be covered by insurance. You can just easily add the cost to your existing auto insurance policy, and get yourself protected, as well as the people around you when you are on the road.If you are going to be driving an ATV quad for the first time, it would be better for you to practice in an area where there is very little foot and car traffic. As much as possible, look for an isolated area with paved roads. A quad bike is a powerful vehicle, and accidents are common, even with experienced drivers. Thus, practice carefully, and take your time in learning the ropes of driving your quad before hitting the roads.

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