Prepaid Legal Services Plan – What Do I Really Need It For?

Prepaid Legal Services Plan - What Do I Really Need It For?

In a life that seems to throw all types of obstacles a person’s way, one often wonders if there is a way to circumvent these things from having such adverse affects on what is considered normal for us.From medical complications we want help on our side, we want similar help for our vehicles and our places of residence. So when it comes to guarding our identity and our right to be protected legally, why doesn’t that cause us to take immediate action.That’s what has made me take a closer look at several companies that offer some type of prepaid legal protection. In researching these prepaid legal companies I question the need for such an added expense to my already growing monthly output.I contemplate the importance of such a service and wonder if it is sold behind a fear laced message that causes people to take advantage of it quickly. Years ago I used a legal professional because my dad lost his battle with severe illness and I needed help sorting through the final details of his life’s legacy.Naturally we hit a roadblock because the old timer didn’t really get around to making regular revisions to his last will and testament. I’ve read that prepaid legal providers offer last will and testament preparation with complimentary updates annually. I don’t even have a will because that’s not something that a person just thinks about on a regular basis. I should consider getting one because a couple of statistics say that seven out of ten people will go to their grave without a will.After speaking with a few prepaid legal providers I learned that one of the first things they encourage you to do is prepare to do your last will and testament.The interpretation I’m getting from different prepaid legal sources is that they want to be the voice of people who might have legal troubles but can’t have lawyers on retainer. Furthermore, I would probably be the equivalent to retaining a whole firm to use at your discretion.Even if I had to handle several legal situations at the same time like unsatisfactory work on my home, will preparation, or an unjust charge sent to collections, I would be able to have my prepaid legal law firm handle these things on my behalf.To bad I don’t have a myriad of legal situations ready to engulf me; not yet at least. Maybe the will thing could work out for me-I don’t have one but I don’t really have anything to leave behind either.Could be that the whole point of having some prepaid legal protection is to prepare for life’s “what ifs”.

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