Living With Stress in the Big Easy

These are turbulent, stressful times. It seems that you get a handle on one crisis and Mother Nature or one of her children creates a new hardship with which you must deal. At times it may be almost impossible to remember you live in a place called “the Big Easy” because things can get so hard. There is no need to make a list of the problems you are facing. That only invites more. The better idea is to focus on ways to deal with the sorrows, challenges and uncertainties you are facing. The good news is there is some real hope available for relief.

Remember You Have People

Maybe you remember this experience after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita: you were driving through your neighborhood, perhaps shaking your head at the damage, and you saw a neighbor or a friend. Remember getting back together with your family members after the Pandemic quarantine? People—friends, co-workers, colleagues and even service providers—help us get through, and we help them get through. Remember that help is there too if you need official help, like from the government or the police or if you need a Business Law Attorney Chalmette LA. The right people can be our strength.

Remember the Good Ways to Cope

When the stress gets to be burdensome, there are some good recommendations out there for coping with it:

  • Stay off the screen for a while. Listening to the news or complaints on social media is not always helpful.
  • Be good to your soul not by indulging yourself with chemicals like liquor and drugs but rather by taking a little time to do something you find calming.
  • Be good to your body by eating healthy nourishing food, resting and getting some moderate exercise.

In the middle of a crisis, it is difficult—and maybe irritating—to hear this old proverb. Still, it is true. Remember, “this too shall pass.”

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