Law of Attraction – Forget About the Rules!

Law of Attraction - Forget About the Rules!

The Law of Attraction says that one should never let failures distract them, as there is no such thing as “failures”. Based on the above statement, I have a quick question for you…”Have you ever failed?” I bet you would answer “Sure!”. See, those “failures” that you deem as “failures”, according to the Law of Attraction, are not exactly “failures”. They are “leaning experience”. You heard of “Failure is the Mother of Success” right? If you study the statement carefully, it does not actually mean “failure” as such. When you take the context of the whole statement, it means one has to “fail” before becoming successful. Thus, isn’t “failure” a learning experience?Guess what? I did not come up with that explanation myself. It was given to me by my dad! Then, I did not know what my dad was telling me. Only when I grow up, I know exactly what he meant. As that statement has helped me achieve so many great things in life, I am here to share it with you!Law of Attraction allows you to act safely in spontaneous manner as you have been visualizing an outcome, and hence you have auto-suggested your subconscious to act in a way that safe-guard your decisions and hence actions. You always come across somebody who stays upbeat and happy and wonder why. It is because they practise the Law of Attraction, as portrayed in the movie called “The Secret”Another thing that my dad taught me was that when you ignore the rules, you are liberated. Ignoring the rules does not mean you go and break all the legal laws. It purely means you do what will get you to your goals, within the legal and ethical boundaries, of course. Take Tai Chi, a form of martial art, for example. In order to be the real Tai Chi master, you have to forget all the movements and styles you have learned. You must forget the “rules”. Only when you manage to do that, your enemy cannot find any forms within you and as such there is no way they can defeat you. The same principle applies in our daily life!Think about a child in your life or even think about yourself as a child again. What would you do in tough situation? Or would you even know that it is “tough”? You would just act on it correct? Thus what is stopping yourself from not dwelling on the bad in life and start looking for the positive instead? Have you ever really given that question some deep thoughts?Some say that perhaps the greatest teacher of positive visualization is a child. They are right as children are the ultimate positive thinkers in the sense that they always go for what they want without fear. When they fall, they walk up again. Nothing on earth stops them.The power of positive visualization is that it will shape your life. The Secret, a.k.a The Law of Attraction, is, obviously, something that can have a great impact on a person because you live and breath your true being and it is that true being makes you into who you really are. You will probably start to notice the little things more than ever before and that will have a nice effect on you. You will start to do everything in a more positive way, including how you treat others.Smiles have a way of effecting people. When you are truly committed to a positive way of thinking then your body language will follow. What benefit does this excuse have? It means you learn how to constructively deal with them and not let them take you over.You must not wait for everything to be perfect in order for you to use the Law of Attraction. That is just an excuse of most people and I can assure you that the “perfect” situation will never happen. There will always be bumps and obstacles ahead. The important thing is to start right now right here and adjust along the way.You’ll be glad you did it.The Law of Attraction helps you understand and cope with confusing and changing times! I meant think of it, John could do whatever he wanted without having his wife nag him. You can make positive visualization work in your life and start turning your bad situations into good ones.Do not walk away from reading this and forget what you have learned.Everyone has their fears; I don’t mean things like scared of the dark or spiders etc. I am talking about the fears of being successful. For example, it might be something that you haven’t learned to do yet, and you fear that you may fail. Remember that if you don’t try you fail anyway. So what is stopping you to try since you take the chance to be successful? If you do fail sometimes then success is that much sweeter because you actually had to get over obstacles to get to the end result. As we have established, there is no “failures” right in the traditional sense, but only life learning experience!

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