Important Considerations for a Marital Settlement Agreement

When a marriage dissolves, many details need to be finalized. To reach an arrangement that benefits both spouses, as well as any children, a settlement needs to be put into writing. Here are some considerations when constructing a marital settlement agreement Tampa.

Get Two Attorneys

A marital settlement can be lengthy, and there will be a lot of elements to review. If your spouse has drawn up an agreement with the help of his or her lawyer, you might think that having one set of professional eyes enough. However, keep in mind that your spouse’s representation has no vested interest in you and your needs. Even if everything looks fine to you, get your own lawyer to look over the document. An attorney who is well-versed in divorce settlements will know what to look for and can vouch for you if anything seems unfair.

Don’t Rush to Sign

You may feel compelled to quickly sign an agreement just to get it over with or because you feel pressure from your spouse. Do not sign anything you don’t feel comfortable with. Propose your amendments and continue to rewrite the draft as many times as it takes to come to the best conclusion. This agreement may affect you for the rest of your life, as it will include determinations for child support, custody, alimony and property division. Take your time and sign only when you are certain it is acceptable.

Try to Avoid Court

There are times that two spouses can’t agree on the terms of a settlement. In this case, a court will have to decide the couple’s fate. Going to court is expensive, time-consuming and nerve-wracking. Increasing stress during an already turbulent time is not ideal, so try to settle outside of court if possible.

Ending a marriage can be a complex business transaction, requiring many unforeseen decisions. With patience and professionalism, it is possible to reach a fair compromise that will help both parties to move forward peacefully.


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