How a Houston Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

As per the American judicial system a person is not guilty unless proven otherwise. So every person facing a criminal charge or likely to be arrested has the right to prove his innocence and present his case. This is possible with the help of a Houston criminal defense attorney whose job is to defend individuals and companies charged with criminal conduct. A criminal defense attorney is well versed with criminal law and thus has the necessary knowledge and expertise to deal with issues that involve arrest, criminal investigation and criminal charges levied on his clients. They may even stop filing of any kind of charges by preventing necessary evidence or negating the charges that are yet to be filed by the prosecutors. Role of a Houston Criminal Defense Attorney

A Houston Criminal Defense Attorney is not only a lawyer but also a counselor and a supporter of his clients. Being faced with criminal charges, whether related to DUI, shoplifting, burglary, possession of drugs, cyber crimes, sex related crimes or any other charge, can be quite a stressful phase in one’s life and such a situation can be avoided or its impact mitigated by seeking expert professional help. A criminal defense attorney can successfully defend his client through aggressive, thorough and ethical representation. His job is to ensure his client’s well being by listening to his case, doing the necessary investigation, finding favorable evidence, negotiating bail, dealing with the media and requesting a dismissal of charges. Of the various duties performed by a criminal attorney, the prominent ones are: Posting a Bail Bond on client’s behalf and preventing his arrest Visiting the client in jail and discussing the case if an arrest has already been made Explaining the exact nature of charges made against his client Preparing for the case by investigating the information provided by his client and preparing for bail and other proceedings Negotiate for settlements and get the best possible settlement for his client Prepare for the trial, find and produce evidence and cross examine various witnesses related to the case Ensure that his client does not have to face harsh penalties So one should not waste any time in contacting a Houston Criminal Defense attorney if he/she believes an arrest warrant has already been issued or is likely to be issued. The attorney will help you deal with criminal charges related to a variety of areas including: a) Crimes against children b) Drug related crimes c) Property related crimes d) Sex related crimes e) Violation of traffic rules

f) Violent crime charges including domestic violence and assault g) White collar crimes including bribery, embezzlement, cyber crimes, tax evasion h) Racial Profiling related charges

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