Fighting Points on Your CDL

Getting a traffic ticket is no minor incident when you drive professionally. Points that could lead to license restriction are a threat to your livelihood, and even tickets that don’t add points increase the cost of business beyond the simple fine and lost time from the paperwork. They affect your insurance costs for commercial policies, and that can have long-term implications on your ability to operate profitably without raising prices. That’s why you need to know when it’s a good idea to invest the time and money in fighting the ticket. It’s also why legal help might be your most cost-effective choice.

What Do Traffic Attorneys Do?

CDL traffic ticket lawyers build a practice around traffic law, assisting with hearings to contest tickets and other related issues. Many also practice in related areas of the law like civil litigation related to vehicle accidents, where a good deal of that knowledge transfers. When you have a professional license, an attorney’s specialized knowledge about this area of the law presents your best chance of identifying why the ticket was issued in error, as well as the best way to persuade the court of the fact. This is essential for relatively esoteric ordinances like those that often affect only commercial drivers. They also assist with personal traffic tickets when needed. In both cases, they’re often used when the ticket involved carries penalty points that could affect license eligibility.

Pursuing a Consultation

Legal consultations are the best way to get advice about your case that reflects the facts you have available, the evidence you can bring to bear, and the local laws. They come with no obligation, so all it takes is a call to a traffic attorney to set up the meeting.

Usually, a small fee is involved, which establishes you as the lawyer’s client and offers you the protection that comes with attorney-client confidentiality while you lay out your case. If you find a strategy to pursue on your own, there is no commitment, so it can be a cost effective investment in any situation where the ticket you are fighting carries a penalty that costs you more than the consultation fee.


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