Damages to Claim in a Car Accident Lawsuit

The Lake City regulations allow you to file for several damages in case of a car accident. The claims are useful in helping you lead a life similar to the one before the car accident.

Here are the damages you are likely to claim in a car accident lawsuit.

Pain and Suffering

The physical injuries from a car accident cause a lot of emotional and physical pain. Depending on the seriousness of the accident, one can stop enjoying life due to the injuries. This leads to emotional anguish and distress. To help you cope with the ensuing grief, Lake City allows you to file for pain and suffering damages.

Lost Wages

Physical severe injuries from a car accident can render your working capabilities useless. You have to prove to the court that you can’t work due to the injuries suffered from the accident. You also spend a lot of time in hospitals and the recovery period, which reduces your ability to make income. The amount of compensation you receive for the lost wages depends on your income history.

In case of permanent disability, the suit should award you an equivalent to the amount you could have made in the future. Some of the factors to consider include age, occupation, and life expectancy.

Medical Expenses

A car accident can come with injuries as small as little bruises and scratches or be more severe like permanent disability. Either way, contact a medical doctor immediately after the accident. Even if you are feeling okay, you still have to call a medical practitioner. At times you won’t feel pain due to adrenaline.

Most of the medical expenses are in the form of prescription drugs, ambulance fees, physical therapy, and other medical services.

Working with an experienced car accident lawyer in Lake City is essential as they understand how to calculate the medical expenses. They also factor in the recurrent bills that will run even after the compensation.

Mental Challenges

Some people are affected mentally after an accident due to shock. They would struggle with anxiety and restlessness. The law allows you to file for compensation to help you cope with the condition.

Punitive Losses

Not only can you get compensation for losses but also as a means of punishing the offender. It is mostly applicable if the driver caused the accident intentionally.

With a qualified car accident lawyer, you can prove that the driver at fault was grossly negligent.

Consortium Losses

In case of an injury that affects your ability to show companionship to your loved ones, the uninjured partner can file for damage. The spouse, therefore, presents a lawsuit for the negative changes in the marriage.

Consortium loss damage is dependent on the other damages. You can only receive it when the injured qualified for additional compensation.

Bottom Line

The need for the damages is to ensure you don’t suffer due to injuries from a car accident. Once you have identified the damage you seek compensation for, work with a reputable car accident lawyer to help you provide the needed evidence.

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