Common Mistakes People Make in the Wake of an Arrest

There’s no denying that being arrested is one of the most stressful experiences a person can endure. Being pulled away from familiar surroundings and placed in police custody is liable to frighten even the most resilient among us. Due the immense stress synonymous with the arrest process, many suspects act out and conduct themselves in an unhelpful manner. Not only does this stand to make the process harder on them, it makes things more difficult for law enforcement as well. As any seasoned law enforcement professional can attest, the way you act in the wake of an arrest can have a significant impact on your case. With this in mind, should you ever find yourself in police custody, take care to avoid the following mistakes.

Being Aggressive with Law Enforcement

It isn’t hard to see why so many people act out during their arrests. In addition to being frightened and confused, suspects often experience feelings of tremendous anger and frustration. However, no matter how angry you are in the moment, it’s imperative that you maintain your cool. Adopting an aggressive attitude with law enforcement is never going to produce positive results. In fact, the way you act in the wake of an arrest has the power to turn a relatively minor infraction into a much more serious charge. Furthermore, if police feel genuinely threatened by your words or actions, the situation may take a potentially tragic turn.

Not Being Honest with Attorneys

When mounting a defense, a skilled attorney is an invaluable ally. Unfortunately, many defendants aren’t entirely forthright when spelling out their cases to their lawyers. To a point, this is understandable. After all, in the wake of an arrest, most people want to make themselves out to be as blame-free as possible. However, keep in mind that in order to build a rock-solid case for your defense, your attorney needs every bit of information you have. Keeping things from your lawyer is practically guaranteed to hurt your case, regardless of how bad the details you’re withholding make you look. As your most important ally in the courtroom, your attorney is the last person from whom you should be hiding things.

Needlessly Remaining in Jail

Depending on what you’ve been charged with, your bail may be quite pricey. However, instead of throwing up your hands and remaining in jail until your court date, you should enlist the aid of a dependable bail bond service. When exploring your options, look for services that offer reasonable rates, manageable payment options and 24 hour bail bonds. The sooner you get out of jail, the sooner you can reunite with your loved ones and begin putting together a case with your attorney.

Being arrested can take a tremendous financial and emotional toll on you and your loved ones. However, despite all the stress and frustration you’re liable to feel after being taken into custody, it’s important to maintain your cool and conduct yourself in a reasonable manner. To this end, anyone who finds themselves placed under arrest should make a point of avoiding the previously discussed blunders.


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