Can You Turn Around Before a DUI Checkpoint in Pennsylvania?

Whatever your personal viewpoint is on police checkpoints, it’s legal for law enforcement to set them up at various locations in Pennsylvania. Before you or a family member need to research services for bail bonds Harrisburg PA residents rely on, you may want to know if you are required to pass through the checkpoint. Sometimes you are just in a hurry and don’t want to wait in a long line of cars to get through. What will happen if you turn around to take a different route before you get to the checkpoint?

Will Checkpoint Police Stop You If You Try To Turn Around?

As pointed out in previous cases, so long as you are driving safely and make a legal U-turn before the checkpoint, the police should have no reason to stop you. A police officer needs probable cause to pull you over. Probable cause may include a wide range of items, such as:

  • Expired vehicle registration
  • Broken or non-functioning light on the vehicle, such as a brake light
  • Illegal traffic maneuver
  • Speeding

You may worry that turning around before getting to the checkpoint makes you look suspicious of some sort of wrongdoing. There are many reasons people may decide not to go through checkpoints, and as long as you are adhering to the rules of the road, police can’t use the U-turn against you.

What If You Get Arrested?

If you go through the checkpoint and police find you are intoxicated, or if you perform an illegal traffic maneuver and police pull you over and then find you are intoxicated, you may face an arrest. If you get arrested, depending on the circumstances, you may be able to contact a lawyer and enlist a bail bond service so you can wait at home for your court date.

It’s illegal to drink and drive, and DUI checkpoints are legal in PA. Remember that as long as you are following the law, you are not under any obligation to drive through such a checkpoint; you can choose another route.


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