3 Types of Bail Bonds You Can Find When You Need One

The idea of bail bonding is an old one, but no one knows exactly when the practice first began. Records do show that aristocracy used a form of bail bonds to prevent wayward sons from cheating, stealing, and marring someone’s name without repercussions. The current bail system has come a long way since then, but many things are the same. Here are three types of bail bonds you can find when you need one.

  1. Surety Bonds

When people seek bail on television shows, they reach out for surety bonds. A judge issues a bail amount, the arrested person pays the required fees to the bail company, and then the bond business pays the full amount to the court. If court dates are missed, a “failure to appear” bench warrant will be issued for the bail jumper’s arrest.

  1. Federal Bonds

When accused of a federal crime, you will need to contact a local bail bondsman that offers federal bail options. The bonds are issued in the same manner as the surety, but they cover only federal citations and criminal offenses, which can be much more convoluted and confusing than state criminal cases.

  1. Immigration Bonds

Immigration bonds were created for people within the United States that are not citizens. Although the basic structure is the same as the surety bond, the fact there are international laws associated with the bonds can make them difficult to navigate. Not all bond companies have immigration bonds, so make sure your bond company does if you need one.

These are just three of the many types of bail bonds you can use to get someone you love out of jail. To better understand the categories of bail available, contact a bond company and request information. Your local bondsman will be glad to help you.


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