3 Reasons Why You Should Never Go to Court Alone

There are many times where you might consider representing yourself in court: small civil cases, for example. However, it is often not a good idea. Here are three things to consider before you decide to head to court without an attorney.

  1. Courtrooms Are Intimidating Places

No matter how many episodes of Judge Judy you have watched, walking into a real courtroom alone to make your case is an intimidating process. Courthouses are designed to give a grand, yet civic, appearance, which only serves to increase feelings of unease among those unfamiliar with them.

Also, unlike on TV, the judge in your case will most likely be an unfamiliar face to you. Attorneys have a vested interest in becoming familiar with courthouse personnel, including judges, so they can make the best appeal.

  1. Emotions May Get the Best of You

No matter how sensitive the situation, emotions do not have a place in legal proceedings. This is especially true when it comes to legal family matters Oklahoma City OK. After all, your family is involved. Just because you may know that your soon-to-be-ex is potentially abusive, doesn’t;t mean you have a full grasp of custody or child support laws in your state. An attorney specializing in family law does, though, and they can be a huge asset when you enter that courtroom.

  1. Legal Statues Can Be Confusing

Legal statutes are incredibly complex, even when it comes to seemingly simple matters. Unless you have gone through law school, no amount of last-minute reading is going to get you caught up on the nuances of the legal system.

In most cases, it does not pay to serve as your own legal counsel regardless of how simple or straightforward the proceedings may seem at first. Hiring an experienced attorney can help you keep emotions out of the courtroom, give you peace of mind that someone is at your side, and help distill complex legal information into comprehensible chunks.

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