3 Facts About Civil Litigation Law

There are many reasons types of legal proceedings and many reasons you may need a lawyer. One of these is civil litigation. Here are three facts about civil litigation law.

  1. Civil Litigation Lawyers

Attorneys specializing in civil litigation can represent you if you file or are served a lawsuit. They can assist you with the ins and outs of the litigation process, from the pre-trial phases through to the end of the trial. You should find a lawyer who is local to your area. For example, if you want to file a civil suit in northeastern Pennsylvania, you may want to look for a civil litigation lawyer Scranton PA.

  1. Civil Lawsuits

For the most part, civil litigation involves the filing of lawsuits. Once the lawsuit is filed, a court typically grants the defendant thirty days to admit to or deny the plaintiff’s allegation. A defendant can file various motions, such as a motion to quash, transfer locations or demurrer. However, civil lawsuits are also commonly settled out of court. Settling tends to be less expensive than going to trial. It may be done at any point before the trial commences and may occur through either the process of arbitration or mediation.

  1. Common Civil Case Types

There are many potential situations where lawsuits may be served or civil law cases may result. Generally, they involve non-criminal disputes between two or more parties. They can include car accidents, property disputes, breaches of contract, restraining orders and varios types of torts, among others. A civil litigation attorney will be able to assist you in determining your situation and your needs.

Civil litigation encompasses all law that isn’t criminal, so there is a wide variety of situations where it may be needed. If you think you need a civil litigation lawyer, make sure you do your research.


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