If I Get Hurt on the Job, Can I Get Lost Wages?

If I Get Hurt on the Job

Anyone who has been badly injured knows that it may mean that you are unable to go to work. If you are hurt on the job, are you entitled to lost wage? Well, it depends on the situation and facts of the matter: how long were you out of work, and was it a workplace related accident?Well, it really all depends. In this instance, there is a chance you will be able to recover a portion of your lost wages for the time you were unable work. Mostly, lost wages are about 2/3 of your normal pay. But you have to meet certain requirements to qualify for these lost wages:For one, you are going to have to had missed a lot of work. You are probably going to have to be unable to go to work for more time than your boss can count under sick leave or vacation. In order to get lost wages, you probably need to have missed days, weeks, or months.Second, your injury must have been related to your work. If you got hurt playing football with your buddies, or driving to the mall, then you are most likely not eligible for partial reimbursement for lost wages through workers’ compensation. (But, for your information, you might be able to get lost wages from whoever was responsible. To find out more, contact an injury lawyer in your area.)And here is the key when dealing with all injury cases: A injury claim is complex–whether if you were hurt on the job or hurt in a car accident. On top of that, you’re hurt, missing work, and need the help of your lost wages to pay medical bills. It’s really difficult to handle it on your own.Luckily, this is where a good injury lawyer intervenes. Making sure that your family is cared for is not something you need to be worried about if you have been hurt on the job. A good injury attorney is someone who has been trained to handle these complex questions for you–and will be able to prove it from their past success. People hurt on the job or not are entitled to just compensation from whoever is responsible.How do you know if you have found a good injury lawyer to handle your workers’ compensation case? The difference between a good lawyer and everyone else is sometimes hard to discern, but it could mean the difference between getting help to pay medical bills and not.Here’s a tip: you can almost always judge the quality of a lawyer by how committed they are to educating their clients about the legal particularities of their case. The more information they provide you, the better–and the best are always going to give you free materials before the ever even ask you to come into their offices.In short: yes, if you miss a lot of work because you were hurt on the job you may be able to get a partial reimbursement for your lost wages–but make sure to talk to a competent Workers’ Compensation attorney first!

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