A Job Harassment Law Could Lose You Your Job – How to Make Sure it Doesn’t

A Job Harassment Law Could Lose You Your Job - How to Make Sure it Doesn't

I’m assuming that you are a good, decent human being, but that doesn’t mean that you couldn’t unintentionally break a job harassment law and find yourself in deep trouble at work by doing or saying something you thought was innocent or harmless. That has happened to many people in today’s particularly politically correct workplaces. Don’t misunderstand me, political correctness is not a bad thing that many make it out to be. Basically, or in the purest way, it just means to be respectable and polite toward those who are different from you, or your group.Joking around with your best friend, who you know well, is quite different than saying similar things, or acting in similar ways towards someone at work that you do not know that well. Even if you do know them well, or they are that friend, there could be others around you who would understandably be offended by something that you said or some action you took that was an affront to something particular about them, or a group that they are a part of.It could be a comment, or humor, about religion or race, politics, or sexual preference. Beyond those flash point topics, that coworkers physical appearance, their style of dress; something particular about their physical appearance, or personality. You might not even be referring to them, or the person next to you who has no problem with such talk. It could just be a statement made in general, and they take it personally; VERY personally.Not you personally, but such a person could have made any of many statements relating to what I just covered, in a truly nasty and mean-spirited manner. They deserve to be reprimanded; if it is severe, maybe actually fired. But again, many a worker has gotten into serious trouble by innocently making what they thought was a harmless statement, whether serious or in jest.Just be consciously a decent portable human being, and you probably be fine at work. Remember though, you are at work, not in your living room. There is not a job harassment law in your home.If you are having problems at work with workplace harassment, the Undercover Lawyer can help. Check him out here.

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