What Signs to Know When Studying for a Road Test

Regulatory signs are all along the roads. They tell motorists what to do on streets and at intersections. Everyone must obey these signs. That means knowing what they mean when you see them. Here are some of the most common signs that you should know before taking your road test.


Stop signs are white and red octagons. There are no other road signs in this shape. A small rectangle below the octagon identifies All-way or 4-way stops. These signs demand that you completely stop your vehicle. You can resume driving once you can.


Yield signs are red and white inverted triangles. They are the only signs that are inverted triangles. At these signs, you must slow or stop your vehicle so you can yield to crossing traffic. You do not have to stop your vehicle at every yield sign, but you may need to at some intersections.


These signs are black with white arrows. The direction the arrow points is the way traffic should move. These are found where one-way streets intersect another road. You may only travel the direction the arrow is pointing.

Do Not Enter

These are white with a red circle. The circles often contain white rectangles. They are designed to stop drivers from going the wrong way down a one-way street. They are most commonly found along highway entrance and exit ramps.


In the United States, these are red rectangles. They are commonly placed with one-way and do not enter signs. If you encounter one of these, it means you are driving the wrong way and should turn your vehicle around immediately.

Once you know what they look like, road signs are easy to identify and understand. If you are prepping for your road test, it is crucial that you can easily recognize these signs.

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