3 Reasons to be Fully Transparent with Your Family Law Lawyer

Many people think that being transparent with their family law lawyers is a sign of weakness. They believe it will hurt the case or make them seem like they’re not in control. The truth is, if you are lying to your attorney about anything, even something small, you could end up hurting your case and damaging your relationship with them at the same time.

The Questionnaires Your Lawyer Asks You to Fill Out Are for Your Good

Family law attorneys ask you to fill out questionnaires because they are trying to get a sense of how the divorce process will affect you. They want to know who you are, what your needs and priorities are, and so on. They also need to fully understand the entire picture of your finances, your job history, your assets, your debts, and more. Chances are they’ve never met you before and know nothing about you. Understanding these things only gives your lawyer the edge that you need to protect yourself as much as possible.

The Truth Always Comes Out

If you hold back any of the information, it can come up later in the divorce process through a method of getting information called “discovery.” If this happens, your lawyer is obligated by law to comply with requests made by the other party. For example, suppose the other party claims you are withholding information and suddenly produces a photocopy of the title to your boat that you have in dry storage, and you never told your lawyer about it. In that case, your lawyer must provide the court with an explanation.

The judge does not care about your successful angling hobby. The judge merely sees that in this matter, you lied to the court. This perception by many courts in the land then tarnishes your ability to fight and protect yourself. Your reputation for being honest is diminished. The court will doubt you and other statements you make in the future. This situation is always bad.

Dishonesty Can Eventually Cause Your Lawyer to Not Work as Hard for You

Many family law lawyers understand how painful and sometimes traumatizing divorce can be. Not being fully transparent with your lawyer means that the lawyer may decide on a subconscious basis that you don’t deserve the best outcome possible. In cases of severely repeated dishonesty and lack of transparency about assets, finances, or events, it may even cause your lawyers to withdraw themselves from your case completely, leaving you high and dry at crucial legal moments in your case. Specialty law teams like Cordell and Cordell lawyers understand the human fear of being fully transparent during this time, especially with thoughtless smear campaigns.


If you are withholding anything from your attorney, it can be detrimental to your entire case, the relationship with your attorney, and more. Don’t allow a family court case to cost you more than necessary. If you’re concerned about being fully transparent, try working with a specialty law group like Cordell and Cordell to help you through this process.


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