What to do When Your Child is Arrested

When parents look at their children, they often immediately think of the sweet, innocent faces that they brought home from the hospital so many years ago. While you hope that they hold onto that innocence for as long as they can, eventually, many kids make a bad decision or two. In some cases, these bad choices lead to an arrest, and parents find themselves at a loss as to what to do to help their child.

Stay as Calm as Possible

Getting a call that your child is in police custody can send even the most laid back parents into a frenzy. It is just as upsetting and frightening for a parent to face the arrest of their son or daughter as it is for them to go through the arrest. However, panicking will not help anyone and certainly won’t help to speed along the process. Stay calm, be respectful, and be rational, though it may be hard in the moment.

Be Patient With Authorities

There is a procedure that must be followed after an arrest. You may be asked to come to the station or barracks and when you arrive, you are left waiting for a long period of time before you are told anything. While you can check in after a time, remember that your impatience will not make things happen any faster. As soon as they are able, you will be updated on the situation, your child will be released to you, or if your child is a legal adult, you may be told to contact a bail bondsman Westlake OH courts will accept.

Let Lawyers do the Lawyer-ing

No matter what the situation, do not try to negotiate or argue your child’s case while they are in police custody. Not only is this not the time or place to make a deal, but you also could be putting them at risk by saying the wrong thing. Get a lawyer involved if there are charges pressed and leave it at that.

Though it is never a good situation when your child has been arrested, always remember that your actions and reactions can help or hurt the situation.


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