Top Topics To Educate Yourself on When a Loved One Is Arrested

You’ve just heard that a friend or relative has been arrested, and you’re not sure what to do. You wonder why the arrest happened, and you start to panic. Educate yourself about these key topics so that you know exactly how to help your loved one.

Most People Are Held on Bail

Unless your loved one committed a serious crime such as first-degree murder or terrorist activities, he or she is probably being held on bail. This means that if you pay a certain amount of money, the person is released. When the charges are minor, bail is often low enough that you can pay it out of pocket. However, for more serious charges, you need help from a surety bondsman Yadkin NC. When you purchase bail bonds, which cost much less than the price of bail, a company agrees to vouch that the accused will attend his or her trial. Then, the detainee is released until the trial happens.

Suspects Must Be Charged Within Two Days

When the police arrest suspects, they do not have to charge them with a specific crime immediately, since it may take a while for them to understand the situation. However, the police cannot hold someone in custody for more than 48 hours without charging them with breaking a law. If you’re able to contact your loved one, ask if the charges have been filed yet, and remind him or her of the time constraints that law enforcement officials face.

Most people think that they understand how arrests work, but the reality is much more complicated. If you’re going to help someone who has been arrested, you must educate yourself about the criminal and legal systems. Make sure that your loved one knows his or her rights, and figure out how to help them resolve the case.


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